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Our MOST anticipated year-end EVENT !!

Many are programmed to merely wish and speak of a "New Year" yet not actually EXPERIENCE one. Many are programmed to get caught up in the fun and high of putting beautiful pictures on boards with no understanding of how to actually transform those pictures into their reality.

The ReProgramming Institute has been conducting it's Annual End Of The Year Manifestation Board Celebration event for over a decade!!!..


There is indeed an art to DELIBERATELY Manifesting and it starts with innerstanding spiritual law and the Artist known as YOU.

Join us for an evening of RELEASE & RECEIVING.

Music, laughs, clarity and amazing company.

BURY what needs to be buried for the moment....

•BURN what needs to be burned without resurrection!

•And BUILD that in which you want to experience in your NU year


2023 is the year my CLEARLY VISUALIZED, BELIEVED, ALIGNED Manifestations shall appear.


A NU year is always possible....the question is: Will our thinking and actions make it probable


A New Design (27)_edited.jpg
A New Design (27)_edited.jpg

A burial for the things

we must temporarily detach from

A cremation for the thinGs

we look to no longer resurrect


The ReProgramming Institute has been conducting it's Annual End Of The Year Manifestation Board Celebration event for over a decade!!!


Sooo Let me tell you about BURY BURN BUILD! It has helped me to release people, emotions and feelings. I was able to burn them & feel free. With the release of the old, I was able to build a new vision of MYSELF and what I WANTED. ONCE you are free, you understand you can manifest any & everything. Having a manifestation board is so much more powerful than a regular dream board

Noni, North Carolina

Bury Burn Build is my FAVOURITE event given by Sheneese Starr! BBB is like a spiritual bath. You NEVER walk out like you walked in. It's a place where you can cry, laugh, dance, stomp and be around people who will just celebrate you and cheer with you. Its a place where you choose to set yourself up to WIN and tell the enemy of your soul that he can't have you or your future.

Kim Sudderth, Bronx

I attended Bury, Burn, Build last year for the first time and I must say that it was an experience that has truly had a powerful, rippling effect on my life in all areas.... Past, Present and Future.  Looking forward to the next one!

Tracy ,New Jersey

In 2015, I attended the annual Burn, Bury, Build event. I was very unaware of what I was walking into and was concerned on what to expect. 

The concept of taking aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us and ceremoniously burning or burying it was, without a shadow of a doubt, TRANSFORMING. 

Each attendee stood in front of their sisters and bravely exposed their pains, their dislikes and their desires for better. Those expressions were not left void. Once we expressed what was on our heart to get rid of we performed the ritual of either burning it (you may no longer access it, it’s permanently gone) or you may bury it (it is still accessible to be used, if need be). 

The ritual gave our declarations energy which made what we were doing palpable. You could feel the unwanted aspects of yourself burn from your being and you could feel the freedom of your spirit breaking through.

No matter where anyone is in life, this is an event and a process I highly recommend.  You most certainly will come out with a renewed sense of self. 


Rashidah Selah-Rey

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