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"Mastery isn't the acquisition of information,

it's the APPLICATION of said information"

~Sheneese Starr.

Isn't it interesting how many of us stopped CONSCIOUSLY participating in our 'learning' once we left institutions.

Traditional education left a lot of things out when it comes to life transferable skills...and our lives reflect it.

Monthly MASTERclasses here at The Reprogramming Institute deals with mirror mirror work & self analysis. We show up differently in the world BY showing up differently in the world.

May, 21st of 2023
3pm - 6pm​

Sit at the table with the 1%

Register TODAY!

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Sheneese Starr is a woman of many titles and purposes who works with people to help them discover their inner truth and sense of self.


Sheneese believes that everything in your world is an extension of your Self. Her focus is on helping others reprogram their entire viewpoints to utilize this philosophy of Self and in turn help identify and harness their personal truth. She believes that living your truth honestly, unapologetically, and confidently is the secret to living your most successful, and fulfilled life.


Sheneese is the Founder and CEO of 


● 'Celebrate Thy Brother'

● 'The In Your Face Movement'

● 'IWIN....The Business of Woman'

● 'The Posture Up Academy'

● 'The Aftermath'

● 'The Deliberate Manifestation Program'

● 'Figure Your Finances'


In addition to this, she is the Founder and Host of  

● 'Bury. Burn. Build' 

● 'Let's Get & Be Better Together'

● 'The Power Within Sex'


Sheneese is founder of The Put In Writing Campaign, 'The Pain of a BlaQue Woman...Still I Stand' and is the Author of 'PERCEPTIONS'. 


A woman of many talents, Sheneese holds titles such as Communicator, Connector, Writer, Deliberate Life Designer, Event Planner, Conference Producer, Interior Sanctuary Inner-G Designer, Faith/Energy Shifter and Personal Development Consultant - which forms S. Starr Enterprise and The Reprogramming Institute. .


"Beautiful Sheneese Starr. I want to tell you how grateful and thankful I am for being apart of your Association. You have helped me transform and understand who I am. I am so thankful for that. Thank you for the wonderful things you have showed me and how to truly love thyself. Love you very much"

~Noni, New York 


Sheneese Starr is the most grounded, connected and loving person I have met in a long time.  Sheneese is not only in-tune with herself, yet also the souls around her.  Through her Conferences and Posture UP Calls, Sheneese Starr always leaves me feeling empowered to face life issues with confidence.  Sheneese is well known for her saying "Love & Light" and that's truly who she is and what she radiates


~ Haydee Lee, New York.

"I thank you Sheneese for taking your journey. 

Because you did the work, you do not look down on me, mock me nor hurt me. You see me and know it is a unique beautiful process. I asked for someone like you . God gave me you. Not the God people put in a book or box; the God of yes, the God of endless love sent me you and all of these women. You saved me from me. 


Thank you Blessings.

~ Daisy Perez, New Jersey

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